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Local Fishing Areas

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Surf Fishing

Jan Juc

Between the two rocky headlands (Rocky Point & Bird Rock) is a good surf fishing spot that produces various results depending on the season, pinkies, flathead, salmon, whiting, and the occasional gummy shark can be caught across this beach.

Yellow Bluff

To the right of the boat ramp there is a small rocky section of beach that on a low tide produces pinkies and whiting, unfortunately due to the rocky bottom you are likely to lose a few rigs, to reduce the chances of getting snagged use a ball or a bomb sinker.

Fishermans Beach

From the boat rump up until The Gap (the mouth of deep creek), is a fairly flat beach which occasionally produces gummy shark, salmon and flathead on the change of a tide.

Whites Beach

Just past Fishermans Beach, heading towards Breamlea, this beach has reef scattered throughout it which makes it a productive beach to catch large whiting, and occasionally australian salmon.

Point Impossible

From Little Reef back towards the point produces good catches of salmon and mullet and the occasional gummy shark at night particularly on a high tide.


From the mouth of Thompson Creek towards Bancoora Beach, on a low tide allows anglers to walk out and cast into some productive gutters and rock areas which produces mullet, salmon, flathead and the occasional gummy shark and pinkies.


Spring Creek

Is a good bream fishing spot with the occasional juvenile salmon and mullet also being caught, on the ocean side of the bridge is best fished when the mouth has recently been opened, otherwise there are spots along a 2km stretch back towards Torquay.

Thompson Creek

Located to the north east of Torquay, Thompson Creek is located in the small township of Breamlea. There are many spots along the river which produce mullet and salmon with a few deep holes upstream that produce some large bream, all spots are accessible from the bank which makes lure fishing a popular target on the change onto a high tide when the water is flowing in.


Close off Torquay along the coastline from around 180m-300m inshore, large whiting are often caught along the sandy beaches. About 4km out from the Boat Ramp in around 25-30m of water, using a sounder locate where the flat bottom is and flathead can be caught in good numbers early morning. Snapper are caught out in deeper water in early morning, Snook and Garfish can be caught while drifting or trolling with lures and plastics, particularly small Rapala's and Berkley Gulp and Powerbait. From around 40-60m of water is a good depth to catch couta, Slimey Mackarel and Mako Sharks. It is wise in the deeper water to use a frozen Burley Bomb to increase your chances of catching a large snapper or a shark.


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